Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Law

At Čechová & Partners, we frequently provide legal advice concerning the pharmaceutical industry (clinical trials, marketing authorisation, prescription, marketing, advertising, professional events, sponsorship, disclosure of transfers of value, distribution), medical devices, health insurance (price regulation, inclusion of medicinal products in the public health insurance scheme), and other healthcare regulations (e.g. patient data protection).


Merck Sharp & Dohme

We have been providing long-term legal advice to this leading innovative pharmaceutical company. Our advice covers a broad range of legal matters, including contractual relationships, advertising, sponsorship, expert events, compliance and ethics, marketing authorisation of medicinal products, clinical trials and other types of research, distribution, competition rules, public procurement, price regulation, reimbursement, employment relations in the pharmaceutical sector, personal data protection, and corporate law.

Swiss Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

We provide comprehensive legal advice to this long-term client on a whole range of legal issues concerning the pharmaceutical industry, in particular contract matters, compliance, compliance with codes of conduct, advertising, sponsorship, various types of studies, reimbursement, managed entry agreements, as well as on related employment and commercial matters.

US Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

Čechová & Partners successfully represented this client in proceedings initiated by a patient who participated in a clinical trial and demanded compensation for alleged harm caused by the side effects of a medicinal product from the client’s portfolio.

Fresenius Kabi

We provide the company with comprehensive legal advice on various areas of commercial and contract law, as well as on regulated areas (pharmaceutical law, advertising, competition law).

US Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

We provide this client with expert advice, particularly on matters of reimbursement, price regulation, and negotiations on managed entry agreements.