Food Sector

We regularly advise clients from the food and tobacco industries, especially on regulatory requirements, consumer protection, advertising, contracts, unfair trade terms and matters related to company law.


Karlovarské minerální vody (Mattoni 1873)

Advice to the company as the buyer in relation to the acquisition of a Slovak subsidiary of Pepsi-Cola (as part of the cross-border acquisition of Pepsi-Cola’s subsidiaries and assets in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary) by the mineral water producer Karlovarské minerální vody, a. s.. The Karlovarské minerální vody Group thus became the largest distributor of soft drinks in Central Europe.

Slovak Subsidiary of a World Leader in the Areas of Nutrition, Health, and Wellness

Our law firm provided long-term advice to a world-leading company involved in nutrition, health, and wellness on various matters concerning competition and vertical distribution agreements, including legislation on inappropriate conditions in the trade in foodstuffs.

Italian Producer of Designer Chocolates and Sweets

Advice on various issues concerning the distribution and marketing of foodstuffs.