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Automotive and Engineering

With the development of Slovakia as a major centre of car production and engineering in Europe, our law firm assists a number of major suppliers in these sectors in full range of corporate, regulatory, real estate, state aid and related issues.

Financial services

Čechová & Partners is traditionally considered as one of the law firms with strongest financial law expertise. We therefore assist major banks, insurance companies, stock brokers, asset management companies and other financial services providers on issues of financial services regulation, contracts, corporate matters and other legal matters

Construction and Commercial property

Čechová & Partners has extensive experience in the area of construction and real estate development, as well as related environmental matters. We have advised a leading foreign construction company on participation in one of the largest projects concerning the development of business, office and accommodation facilities in Bratislava; and a leading foreign bank on the financing of the reconstruction and development of a historical hotel facility.


The firm has been providing long–term assistance in the energy sector, advising major investors in the energy sector on their interest in or acquisition of Slovak companies performing energy related business activities, mostly of electricity and gas producing and distributing companies, and has been involved in a wide range of issues concerning Slovak and European law.

We have advised a major Austrian electricity company on the acquisition of the monopoly Slovak electricity producer, including execution of a due diligence report and provision of legal analysis concerning specifications of the Slovak legal regulation in energy sector and conducted an analysis of the Slovak electricity sector regulation and its compliance with the relevant EC regulations and directives, including possibilities of action on national and EU level in case of incorrect transposition of EC law provisions.


We regularly provide advice to clients in the area of food and tobacco production, in particular on regulatory requirements, consumer protection, advertisement, contracts and corporate matters.

IT and Telecommunications

Lawyers at Čechová & Partners actively participate in the telecommunications sector and related legislative processes by advising leading players on the market. We have represented the local subsidiary of a leading Austrian telecom company in proceedings with the Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic for obtaining licenses for electronic communications networks and electronic communications services and establishment of compliance with technical standards and specifications under the Slovak Telecommunications Act and advised a local electronic communication services provider in the process of MPLS-technology installation and interconnection of networks with other providers in compliance with Slovak electronic communications laws.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

We regularly advise major pharmaceutical companies, both producers of original and generic drugs. Our assistance concentrates on regulatory compliance, consumer protection, advertising, contracts and corporate matters. We have also advised health insurance companies and various health providers’ associations.


We regularly provide advice to clients in the area of chemicals production and distribution, in particular on regulatory requirements, environmental issues, contracts and corporate matters.

Transport and Aviation

Dynamic developments in the aviation business in Slovakia open new ground for the provision of legal services in this sector. Our team of lawyers has been involved in advising key players on the aviation market, such as a leading operator of airport facilities on the preparation of a new construction project for a leading world-wide courier service. We have also advised a succesful bidding consortium in its bid for privatisation of Bratislava and Košice Airports. We have also provided advice on the regulation in the area of road transport and railways.